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    Is Your Attorney a Divorce Financial Expert?

    - by counterbalancedivorce

    Finances play a major role in divorce. It is unreasonable to think that just because your attorney is an expert at family law they are also a divorce financial expert. How will they handle these types of situations? Will they ignore them? Try to muddle through? Or will they seek outside help? Here are a few questions to help you know how your divorce attorney may respond.

  • QDROs

    What’s a QDRO – 5 Things to Know About Divorce and 401(k)s

    - by counterbalancedivorce

    So, you’ve reached a settlement agreement with your spouse, and you’re now in the final stretch of divorce. Then your attorney or mediator leans over and says, “By the way, you will need a QDRO to split that account. And it is going to cost a little extra.” Wait, what? Are you serious? What even is a QDRO?”

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    Understanding Your Divorce Settlement

    - by counterbalancedivorce

    After all of the emotions and the tears, you’re still standing. The overwhelm of change throughout the divorce process didn’t defeat you. Now all you are facing is your new life. The only problem is you can’t see it quite yet. Knowing what is in your divorce settlement is one of the first things you will need to give you a good start in your new life.