Our Why

Why We Do What We Do

What is Counterbalance’s purpose? What is our why? One of my earliest money memories was when I was 5 years old. My parents had divorced when I was two. My sister and I were living with my mom. She was a teacher working in a school district that paid the state minimum.

Even at the age of five, I was aware that money wasn’t something that we had a lot of. One night I asked my mom, “How can we afford for me to go to college?” My mom responded, “Even if your father on earth has abandoned you, you have a Father in Heaven that never will.” 13 years later, I found myself graduating as class valedictorian and going to college on a full athletic scholarship, which paid for four years undergrad and one year of grad school. In addition to that, I received almost another $30,000 in grad school scholarships.

Looking back at the event, we were in a position where it was easy to feel powerless when it came to money. There were simply things that were outside of our control. We were bound by our circumstances. Even so, my mother kept money in its proper perspective.

Later, at the age of ten, we moved to a different home. We stayed there for the next ten years. During that time, the owner of the home never raised the rent. He knew our family situation, how tight money was. That act of kindness left an indelible mark on my life. Here was a man willing to sacrifice so that our family could succeed.

That’s our why. It’s why Counterbalance exists. As a child, I know what it is like to live through a divorce. I know the struggles, I know the fears.

I do this work because I want to be the make an indelible mark on the lives of moms with kids going through a divorce. For those that have money—helping them to find their own why. For those without money—helping them to maximize the resources that they do have.

I do this work because I don’t want people to live with regret when it comes to their finances—whether it be mistakes or opportunities lost in the future. My goal for everyone is to help them move from a point of financial paralysis to a position where they can pursue their purpose.

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