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In the midst of a divorce, you may find yourself experiencing a wide range of emotions. One of those emotions might be regret–specifically, regret with regards to your past financial decisions. But you don’t need to carry this burden any longer.  You can move beyond those past regrets and prepare yourself to take advantage of future opportunities.

When you are going through a divorce, what is the best way to make financial decisions so that you avoid regret in the future?

Good Financial Decisions:
Family Law Attorney

One of the best ways to avoid financial regrets while going through a divorce is to hire an experienced professional–a family law attorney. They can help you make good financial decisions. They can help to anticipate potential problems, avoiding costly mistakes. However, most family law attorneys are not experts when it comes to financial or divorce planning. They won’t get into the tax implications of receiving certain assets. Nor will they create a financial plan for when your divorce is finished.

Better Financial Decisions:
Financial planning with a CFP®

Financial professionals such as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER PROFESSIONAL can help you make better financial decisions when it comes to achieving your financial goals. However, financial professionals can have knowledge gaps. Not all financial professionals know how divorce impacts certain assets such as your home or retirement assets. Divorce planning is a highly specialized area and can create MAJOR conflicts of interest for financial professionals trying to help both individuals going through a divorce.

Best Financial Decisions:
Divorce Planning with a CDFA®

Certified Divorce Financial Analysts go through rigorous training to achieve certification for divorce planning. This training includes not only the nuances of dividing assets during a divorce but also education on the divorce process itself. A CDFA has a working knowledge of both domains.  A CDFA can help explain your options and help you to develop a strategy to make the best financial decisions possible. And then they can work alongside your attorney to put that strategy in place.

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